Creative Life – 7 ways to improve it and why you should do that!

For a moment forget your creative life and  think of your time as it is a drop in an ocean of time.  See your world as a thousands of planets where your body composed of tiny particles lives. That’s what we are and how we exist. In it all there is magic and it is human brain. A powerfull tool of unimaginable capability. The only thing is that it can be limitless until it limits itself. What side are your close to? Limit or limitles?

The essence and purpose of human brain is to create. Thus creativity is ‘a fact of your spiritual body’ (by Julia Cameron). Something that we are  born with.  Creativity is an ultimate essence of a human being.


Limiting factors that alter divine power in us are common behaviours and convictions. These we can easily overcome once we recognise them.

Here are the seven ways to improve  your creative Life.

1.Mission FEAr

You are afraid. Maybe you are not shaking but  your fear can be hidden in many different forms. It can wisper inside your head thnigs like that: ‘who would like what I create’, ‘I don’t have a chance competition is too big’, ‘I will start creating when I have a proper studio and more time’. Those things you produce yourself because you forget what is the essence of creativity. It is pure creating, peaceful and joyfull. Your ego sets the limits and creates artificial obstacles. Your role as a conscious person is to recognise ego/fear voice and proceed with your intentional creation. It means that you will forget about the outcomes. When your create freely you don’t bother about  what would people say. When you are fearless you dive into your proccess taking the most of joy from it.

2.REFRAME your beliefs

One of the most popular convictions is about the success story. Is it a success to work as a professional creative/artist? Does succeed mean winning all the prizes, selling artworks at high prices, be famous? What if you measure your success by dedication to your path instead of the material outcomes or prestige? Try to reframe that, take off the pressure of earning money with your art. That will definitely liberate you creative spirit.


Whoever you are in your life, whatever profession you perform, wherever you live; one is certain; Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Our intention is a deepest reason that roots in our soul. Every action that comes from there manifest our true person. Mind that. Learn who you are if you haven’t already. Think of your life in the aspect of its whole span. What would be the fruits of your action in 5 years, 10 years or 50 years? What do you do on Earth and why?

4.TIDY UP your life

A person is a complex entity. To funkction well and live a happy life there must be tidiness in every area of your life. It starts with your health; mental and physical. It is about your self care. It is about your financial security- how did you planed your life. Finally it is about cleaning your house, throwing away useless stuff.  There is a tremendous peace of creation when your creative life is well balanced.


Here comes another popular belief of a “tornmented artist”. Drunk, depressed with a broken heart. Deprived of his own inspiration, creating in pain. The truth is that you don’t need all the drama to be an amazing artist. Better think of aknowleging your gifts, and doing something about your problems ( solve them through therapy, recovery, prayer or humility ). A sober and well balanced mind has greater capabilities. Read more about the ego and masks that it creates for us LINK TO POST HERE.

close up of hand embroidered mask
nerve – our emotions are just masks

6.CREATE space

As much as you need clean space and well organised life, you don’t need a perfect studio or even a schedule. Of course there are certain types of art that rather can’t be performed at home over the dinner table. However even when you dream of playning the percussion you could create space for yourself having in mind low cost rent of a garage or some other shared artist space. Anyway live your creative life in the present moment, do not plan for perfectness of the future – it certainly will never come (always not perfect enough).

Stay focus and effective when performing your daily chores and/or at your regular work, then manage an hour of creative time every day. This is something you can give for yourself out of love.

7.FIND inspiration

Be receptive. Give up on things that distract you. Unplug yourself from a cell phone and the computer. Turn off the tv. Take a walk in the nature, look into the sky, read poems, travel somewhere you always wanted to, make a brainstorm over a blank page. Sometime the inspiration will come and your will feel it as chills run up arms, hair on the back of your neck stand up, you may even feel sick and a little dizzy just like falling in love.

Now, start the change. It is within your power.

With love,

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Justyna, a girl who stitches magical dream land of Nibyniebo on her tiny wooden hoops.

Justyna Wołodkiewicz