Bored, Sad and Nerve – hand embroidered masks.

We all have our emotions. We live a life full of feelings. We are all humans.

I’ve been exploring that things ever since I was teenager. Just recently I’ve read a book ‘The Conscious Parent‘ by Shefali Tsabary. And I can honestly reccomend it to everyone. Those who are parents and who ‘just’ have parents. The connections that we have with parents and certain behaviour that we inherit – it requires from us a level of being conscious about. It is so crucial and important when rising our own children but also to understand who we are and why do we react in certain ways. All that reactiveness is just a surface, a bunch of emotions that floods our heads when trigerred. The job that we have to do is to witness it and understand.

There is something more besides everyday life and our  emotions. The soul that is powerful and makes us alive. Our inner light and wisdom. To live in connection with it requires from us working on our triggered behaviours, instant reactions, deep understanding of how we were rised.

My series of hand embroidered and hand sculpted in polymer clay masks is a conversation.

Evolving around the idea that emotions are masks of our true soul. That often we wear them unconsciuously and cover our inner light. However it is up to us to take them off, to see through, to understand and let go. In the end it is just a mask.

All the saddnes, fear, frustration are often products of our minds. The act of feeling them and accepting them makes us closer to letting them go. The watchful mind helps to see ourselves in difficult situations and observe how the emotion starts in our bodies. Just to be on time to ask :’Why do I react in such way?’

For anybody who is interested I send to google the topic, read book mentioned above, explore by themselves!

The ‘Nerve’ is coming soon to my shop (the other pieces were sold a few months ago).

close up of hand embroidered mask
Nerve – our emotions are just masks.

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Justyna Wołodkiewicz