Hand embroidered 3D structures by Nibyniebo

Today’s post is all about hand embroidered structures that I make using polymer clay and embroidery thread.

The first ever hand embroidered 3D structure was very spontaneous creation. I just took a bunch of threads, a hoop and a fabric. I stitched for pleasure – a flat surface of purple, lilac and grey fields. A few days later I decided to sculpt tiny tiles in polymer clay and attach them to the surface of my embroidery using cotton thread. I baked the tiles as I always do with my polymer clay sculptures and followed my plan. The outcome was amazing. Multi dimentional architecture of clay and thread.

tiny polymer clay tiles stitched to a hoop
The second hand ebroidered structure
Further exploration of polymer clay and thread. I changed shapes and the way they are attached to the fabric.
abstract 3d mountains hand embroidered
In this piece I put a lot of attention on the background. I decided to keep one shape (a mountain) of the clay pieces.
The piece where I explored a single polymer clay tile and the stitching options

One day I decided on a new approach. I tried multi layered way of stitching. Using mainly straight long stitchI created surface of thousand of colors and intervined threads.

hand stitched 3d hoop
In this piece I tried multi layered stitching. I also used two rows of stitches on every polymer clay tile

Hand embroidery mixed with polymer clay tiles. Multi layered stitches on the surface.
colorful embroidery with polymer clay sculptures
hand embroidered shapes and 3d sculptures
Justyna Wołodkiewicz