Embroidery and beads – best parts of beaded sweaterdress.

Today I want to intorduce you to completely unique hand beaded sweaterdress.

That’s she:

photo show the work in progress, but the photosession was so cool I must post it!

The dress features symbols that surrounds my natural habitat – a beautiful rural area in the middle Europe. The moon, the eye, tears, some herb form the local meadow.

The dress is hand beaded by me with lots of love and attention to details.

The whole thing is ment to infuse your life with joy and magic.

The dress is avaiable in my shop. Do not hesitate to check it up. Maybe it is your size and your cup of tea.

Just in case you have questions:

The dress is from my cousin that’s why recycled. The label is Solar – a Polish fashion company.

The bead supplier is Simply Beads USA a wonderful family company run by Ashley and Elijah (and I just love their online store full of beads and beading supplies).

The model is me.

The photographer – some lovely boy form my family! 🙂

And finally  some short movie :

Progress movie


Justyna Wołodkiewicz