And what is the meaning behind it? – he asked me.

Mixed media embroidery on linen. ‘Fluid landscape’ 2019 by Justyna Wołodkiewicz

The meaning is a carrot that we all chase. Can we really catch it? Or do we rather spend our lifes in a neverending run after a mirage?

Recently I’ve been questioning all those huge meanings of my life. I didn’t really came to the idea that life is meanigless by myself. However I’m different. I can’t explain the difference between yesterday’s me and today’s me. Is it because I see things (guess what?) differently… ? Or it’s just my imagination…

If life supposedly has no meaning… (except the one that we would believe it has) then dropping the believe makes me free of carrot chasing – serving some imaginary purpose. Anyway life is imaginary. Reality only seems real but is not true. There is no turality.* Your toe hurts when you kick the rock so you sort of have to play since you inhabited a game of life that has some set of rules to follow (otherwise the game is over).

Todays post is strongly inspired amusing Jed Mckenna books. A truly inspiring aproach to life and spirituality. Although I’m not recomending it for everybody. You need to feel in tune with above ideas to start the book.

Detail of ‘Fluid Landscape’ by Justyna Wolodkiewicz

Comming to the embroidery. One of the best parts of my creative process is fun. I’m literally having fun. And I would like to make it my core motivation in the future. To create for pure amusement of creation. To be a big child in a big playground forever.

Sure I can add some philosophy behind every of my piece. I can talk about playfunelss of form that reflects the life elements. The interactions between shapes and lines and lights. Clash of the opposing mediums – polymer clay and fabric\thread. I may say something about transcending the dimentions by rising the threads above canvas and layering the flat surface with dozens of stright long stitches. And then there will be a story about my spirit and my vision of how the reality appears in my perception. The meaning seems to be neverending story or nothingness at all.

I would rather bend my ears to listen carefully of your interpretation. Isn’t the beauty in the eye of the beholder? Isn’t painting existence more real due to the presence of the beholder? Isn’t it all for you?

The piece of todays post is already unavailable. Serving it’s purpose in the good home. Or just hanging in the colorful hologram of collective mind.


Justyna Wołodkiewicz