There is winter in the summer. And the universe in my pupil.

There are all seasons in one moment. There is the whole universe in my little pupil.

The other day I told myself I’m suppose to feel a teardrop of happines equal to a teardrop of sadness. Do I want to feel one with the world? I don’t think so.

Still climbing trees and eating sweets (uhm.. well, healthy sweets)

The late summer in my country is uterlly beautiful. Every bit of the air bears little fruit spirits. Ripen fruits that makes my eyes watery… when I pick them from the trees… My hand seems to reach the sky and to them hung in the blue. I’m moved to the bottom of my heart. I know that that moment is about to pass, just like the fruits, just like me, just like the humanity, and then I go deeper into that feeling of beauty.

I’m different and yet I’m the same. I’m still human – being annoyed over little things every now and then, being busy running ant’s errands, being in the state of wonder… or just bored.

No more books on the night table.

And I got contaminated by the idea that consciousness is all. It seemed pretty fun at first, then a bit scarry and confusing, then… very clear and clarifying. I hope for a lifetime of integrating that into.

Sometimes looking back at my previous works I wonder how on Earth did I make them…

Is that the heart meditation sessions that worked out? Is that hours of digging through self-help-modern-spiritual stuff that worked out? Is that at some point I made a decision to be rather than anything else worked out? Is that at my 30th birthday last year I was born again ( perhaps I had to die beforehand)….?

Am I comming to my roots, discovering myself, learning and unlearning?

I can’t wait for the next step on that journey. Because it’s promising. It’s rad. It’s crazy.

polymer clay sculpture stitched ona a hoop
All the excitement is in the combinations

Sending you lot’s of good vibes.


Justyna Wołodkiewicz