A’Night Eye’ mixed media hoop art embroidery 5 inch

95,00 $

Hoop art embroidery titled ‘Night eye’ is an original art made by Justyna Wołodkiewicz.

  • Wooden hoop serves as a frame. 5 inch in diameter.
  • Polymer clay mask sculpted and baked.
  • Cotton threads by DMC
  • Wool
International Shipping available for 11 USD.



‘Night Eye’ is a mixed media hoop art embroidery

How was it made?

The eye was hand sculpted in polymer clay and hand stitched with cotton threads. No machine or stencils were used. The work is one of a kind and created of my own inspiration. The pupil was hand stitched with glass beads.

What are the materials?

The eye is made of professional polymer clay FIMO. Cotton threads are by DMC. Czech glass beads were used.  Fabric is linen. Hoop is made of breech tree, high quality and strong. The hoop serves as a frame. The piece may hang on a wall just as it is.

What inspired me to create the ‘Night eye’ hoop art embroidery?

Inspiration came from the nature. Beautiful starry nights that I’ve witnessed in my life pushed me to create. I hope that the colorful mosaic beneath the eye conveys the character of the moment. I hope that the eye expresses all the feelings, that a human body may feel… the sudden break of  a sleep, colderness, ethereal beauty.

Who is the maker?

Justyna Wołodkiewicz. You can read more on my about page.

How is it shipped?

I use international shipping by Poczta Polska and ship to most of the countries in the world.

Are you interested or have questions?

To ask me anything use the contact form.

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