Nerve – fine art embroidery and sculpture

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The Nerve is fine art hand embroidery

Created with many different techniques – the mask is sculpted in polymer clay, the hair made of wool partly needle felted partly stitched. In addition very fine details are hand embroidered around the central object. The material used is linen. The hoop made of breech tree. 6 inch hoop is not to be taken off. The hoop can be hung on a wall or displayed in a shadowbox/frame.


diameter: 16 cm (6 inches)

The Nerve is part of series of  masks that represents human emotions.

“Evolving around the idea that emotions are masks of our true soul. That often we wear them unconsciuously and cover our inner light. However it is up to us to take them off, to see through, to understand and let go. In the end it is just a mask.” You can read more on my blog.

With the series I hope to spread awareness of … being aware. I believe that every human has her spiritual journey to complete. The evolution of the soul is up to us. It requires to be curious, to learn and observe. To understand to finally awaken.

The mask is created for every curious soul no matter  what phase of the journey she is. As a gentle reminder of important things. As a scent of beauty that travelled from afar through my eyes and hands to enlighten your world.


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