The seeds of new art adventures – you can write the book too!

“I was moving to LA and wanted to be a dancer and an artist. Instead, ended up homeless, pregnant and working rtail.”

Ok. She got pregnant, but not you, or even if you do too, still you can outsource childcare and be a dancer and an artist, can’t you? Is art for everybody?

I know, I know, life is hard and sometimes takes us in unexpected directions. Sometimes all we can do is to accept the situations. I would say it is pretty wise to accept the situation. That means see your life as perfect as it is. Yes, starting from leaking tap ending with your body/personality/economics/family. This stuff is exactly perfect as it is.

Now, leave Osho topic, let’s move to seeds of new art adventure.

It is not yet official (although I write it on my blog), it is not yet set, it is not yet certain… but I’m writing a book.

a woman keeping book
I’m writing a book. I don’t know how yet, but I’m sure it will be pure magic.

I’ll make an official announcement whenever I’m ready. Now I only know I want to write that book badly.

I don’t care how. I can end up with an e-book or a paper copy of 300 books. I don’t care. I just want to do it to experience adventure of creating book and bringing lots of value to your lives with those colorfull pages.

I have ideas. I have different conceptions that I forming in my head. I will certainly talk about them more. For now I will say this:

My book is going to be about Art of EMBROIDERY.

Yes. Isn’t it amazing. I’m very excited and happy that I put myself together to write about the whole thing. My plan is to make a lot of research on a technical side of the project then think of the strategy.

Please let me know in comments what do you think, maybe you already have something in mind that you would love to see in the book?  Maybe you have some experience related to writing or embroidery that you want to share? I’m all ears and eyes.



Justyna Wołodkiewicz