Hand embroidered eye necklaces.

After a few months of planning and designing I finally created these sweet eye-necklaces. They are a true candy for your eye. They are perfect to wear in the summertime.

How was it made

The white part of the eye was  hand sculpted in polymer clay and then baked. The element was hadnd embroidered with cotton threads on a cotton fabric. The eye was mounted to the sterling silver chain that is aproximately 70 cm long.

The sizes of the eyes are about 7x 5 cm. Despite the size it took so much time to stitch it. Especially time consuming seems the thread frame of every necklace – made of two stranded thread all around.

The final piece is very soft – resembling a tiny flat pillow, rich in texture, giving very interesting look with a bit of funky.

All of the eyes are attached permanently to a sterling silver chains. They are so lovely.

The necklaces are listed here: SHOP

handmade necklace featuring polymer clay eye on a grey background

handmade eye necklaces


Justyna Wołodkiewicz