3D embroidery ; polymer Clay, cotton thread on cotton. 2017 (unfinished)

The creative flow that behaves like a river

Sometimes life takes you on unexpected journey. In my case some huge life project took away my focus from art, giving me plenty of practical lessons.

I had very little or non time for creating embroidery. After months of such creative diet I discovered immense craving for making. It was fueling my inspiration. Ideas for new works emerged every day. I was eager to start over.

‘Nibyniebo’ hand embroidery on cotton. Mixed media.

Your soul full of beauty

I realised that all of art was there, all the time. My soul filled with colors, shapes, joy and purpose. Just like the threads in the drawer were dormant, so was my creative power. Waiting.

Then I slowly made my way back to studio. The other realisation was that the actual studio is everywhere I go. It was on my coach, at the kitchen table, on the meadow. I needed art like air. I needed that flow of beautiful energy. I needed to fill my life with order, calmness and peace.

Mixed media embroidery. Polymer clay and cotton threads on hoop.

Embrace the energy that surrounds your creativity.

As I was coming back to my creative practices I found it helpful to tap into gratitude. Every act of making I sealed with that burst of thankfulness from my heart. I smiled joyfully inside of my chest. As they say gratitude is a state of receivership. It literally changes everything. It brings more of what already caused gratefulness.

Little by little I was inviting art making into my life. Among new weaves of ideas was that of imaginary embroidery flowers collection. I dived into sketches, brainstorming every day. I wanted it to be a series of pdf patterns that explain how to stitch flowers in 3D. I wanted it to be mixed media – with polymer clay, glass beads, threads: cotton and wool.

For now I let my new project take shape . And I’m going to update as soon as my creative flow lets me.

Candy, juicy and 3d – hand embroidery by Nibyniebo.
Justyna Wołodkiewicz