Whta’s in my head – books and thinkers that I’ve recently fed on.

Food is to feed our body and ideas are food for our brains. Every thought has its own fequency. Waves of thoughts compose our internal ocean of emotions. The ocean reflects in the real form in the real life. Because our beliefs creates our own reality. Literally.

Today I’m gonna share what’s on my mind since… since June 2018. In June last year I finally arrived at a poin in my life where teardrops were so hard I could barely see. Not that I was particulary sad, I just had a seasonal alergy attack. That made me seek for help, however not at the doctors.

I surfed the net and found a lot of spiritual stuff (perfect to heal allergy, ha ha). Yes, seriously it turned out perfect, but to explain it may be a difficult task.

Now, I’m just going to list things, ideas, thoughts and theories that I’ve discovered recently and I consider them worth remembering and sharing. (random order)

  • The reality is a reflection of our beliefs and thoughts
  • A thought is a weave of a particular frequency/vibrancy
  • Love, acceptance are high vibrations
  • Guilt, shame, anger are low vibrations
  • Organic plants are high vibration foods
  • Meat is low vibration food
  • The reality is a dream, something like 0-1 computer program or a virtual game
  • Our phisical body is an avatar in the game
  • The consciousness is a player, but it has that veil of forgetfulness, so not really knows who is it
  • Waking up or awakening is a state when we remember who we really are (that consciousness/soul/player or ‘love and bliss’)
  • We are unconditional love and bliss having temporary human experience.
  • We are not our emotions.
  • I may be sad or angry but as long as I accept these feelings to just be and observe them I let them go. They vanish on their own
  • By choosing the type of thoughts (negative/positive) I choose the type of realilty.
  • Reality shifts constantly just as we make choices.
  • By being focused on what I already have (and being thankful) I attract more of these things.
  • By being focused on what I don’t have (and really really desiring them) I attract lack of these things
  • When the mind is synchronised with what heart/soul wants ( like our mission in life, dream way of being) then that causes the universe to help achieving it
  • The mind often neglects souls needs. The mind produces doubts and fears and excessive meaning that are obstacles of fullfilling one’s dream
  • There are ways of making heart and mind united
  • If your are dissatisfied that means ego rules you causing more reason for dissatisfaction in your life
  • Human heart has very strong and powerful energy (electromagnetic) field that is thousands of times stronger than the field around the brain
  • Thus unity of heart and mind (acting in harmony) makes things happen
  • Human mind works on autopilot. We can set it to work/perform some task by visualising task completed.
  • Also when communicating with heart we would rather use pictures and feelings than words. So here it is important proper visualisation and controlling owns thoughts to create good feelings.
  • … to be continiued

There is much much more (I may continue later this week)

three hand embroidered necklaces with eyes
Hand embroidered necklaces with polymer clay eye

Justyna Wołodkiewicz