Patch ‘Sapphire Tingling’- hand beaded and embroidered sew on patch

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You will buy ONE eye patch – the Sapphire Tingling. The patch is a one of a kind hand beaded art. It was made with recycled materials such as old cotton shirts ( with a hope of protecting nature and the environment). The beadwork patch is a sew on patch that you can attach yourself to your clothes.
You can also frame the patch and decorate your walls.

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“Sapphire Tingling” was inspired by natural rythm of seasons. The beads colors used in the eye patch are:

Along the process of making a poem came to my mind that was:

“She left a space

for warmth and bloom,

she made me love

every bit of her opposite. ”

The patch is a one of a kind hand beaded art. I have stitched plenty of eye-patches with beads. These are the recent artworks that are a result of a long time experience and many trial and error.

You are buying ONE eye patch. 

Why do I love making eyes?

The eye symbolises for me wisdom, the gate to the soul, comunnication and connection. Open eye means awakening and developing consciousness. It tells the story of my life long spiritual search of walues and good vibes.


You can read more in my recent post. You will find a patch FAQ section at the end of that post. Worth reading.

Size and materials:

It is approx. 3 iches wide.

I have used recycled cotton (sourced from my old clothes) and store bought linen 100% linen. The design is hand stitched with glass beads (TOHO glass beads, czech glass beads, Nih Beads) all bound together with beadwork dedicated strong threads Beadalon.

The use of the eye-patch:

  • You can sew the beadwork patch  on by yourself on the bag or your favourite piece of cloth.
  • You can attach it to a necklace – you will need to sew a small loops on the back of the patch and pull a necklace through them.
  • You can frame the patch as a fine art piece and decorate your wall.

Care of the beadwork patch:

Brush it gently with warm water and soft soap. Let it dry in not very hot place. Do not iron, do not use strong detergents.

Justyna Wołodkiewicz