‘Thinking Uphills’ hand embroidered landscape


Contemporary embroidery on a hoop by Justyna Wołodkiewicz.

Dimention:7 inches.

Materials: Professional polymer clay, cotton threads, fabric, wooden hoop.

Techniques: silk stitch is major embroidery technique used in the piece.

Hoop info: The hoop serves as a frame and therefore should not be removed. The artwork may be framed or placed in a shadow box.

I shipp internationaly with Global Express – provider is Poczta Polska. Shipping from Poland, in Europe. Securely packed in a cardboard box.


‘Thinking Uphills’ is hand stitched original textile artwork.

Hand embroidered by Justyna Wołodkiewicz that girl who hand stitiched clay and thread. It was made using silk stitch as a predominant textile technique. The ‘hills’ are made of clay and are supported by tight threads. The composition and colors used in the piece suggest a landscape. Although it may be considered as an abstract art.

Symbols and meanings of the artwork.

The color purple that dominates in the ‘Thinking Uphills’ symbolises wealth, creativity, peace, mystery and magic. All the cold tones bring about calmness and serenity. It may be a great visual resting point for your eyes.

Rised stitches connect the veritcal with the horizontal

The embroidery is a part of the series I call “Rised Stitches”. A very special collection that characterises with abstract forms tied to the surface with decoratie, bold straight stitches. They may resemble landscapes, little worlds or just multi dimetnional spaces full of color.

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