‘In the Purple Mind’ contemporary embroidery on a hoop

120,00 $

Six inch hoop made of breech tree.

Linen fabric and polymer clay.

Abstract theme

Hihly textured three dimentional art

Shipped with Global Express worldwide.

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‘In the Purple Mind’ is a hand stitched and hand sculpted modern embroidery including polymer clay parts. It is one of a kind piece of art made with love and attention. It was made in early 2019 as a continuation of my abstract studies on colors and layers of dimentionality. It is a perfect bedroom decor.

The piece is a 6 inches hoop made of breech tree. High quality hoop that serves as a frame and therefore shouldn’t be removed.

The purple color symbolises wisdom, spirituality and intelligence. I consider the piece to be my ultimate come back to ‘familiar playground’.

There is an entire blog post on the series of these funny abstract hoops – treat yourself to reading it if you wish so.

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