‘I have seen the sparks of ice and the paths of forever wanderers …’ – necklace

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The Silver necklace was created to celebrate the connection between the world and the soul. A very unique connection that happens through our eyes.

Also the title ‘I have seen…’ is an invitation for reflecting on our past experiences and the contrasting beauty of Life.

The eye symbolises for me the wisdom and consciuousness. I believe that through the sight we connect our soul to the outer world. The scenes and thnings we see enter us throuth the eyes. What our vision experience leaves an imprint in our soul. It is the material that also builds the soul. It is never ending circle of seeing-absorbing-growing.

Hand crafted sterling silver necklace with the sterling silver ball chain. Stitched with Madeira red 100% silk. Oxidised in black.

The full story of the collection is on my blog.

The weight of pendant: 2 grams (withouth chain)

Dimention: 1,6 cm

Product maitanance:

  1. Please note, you can wear necklaces in shower, but it is advised not to for the longevity of the piece ( some shampoos and soaps can discolour jewellery).
  2.  Important: please avoid at all costs wearing in chlorinated water, this will darken and damage the piece.
  3. To clean silver chain and pendant use warm water and a chemical free soft soap, or just a polishing cloth.
  4. The silk thread can darken (especially after long contact with skin) – it is advised to  wash the whole pendant  with a soft sponge and soap once a month (or when neccesary)

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