FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

– I do ship worldwide.

– All prices are in $USD (American dollars)

-Afterpay is not available.

– Payment plans are not available.

– I do not do pick up, post only. So please do not ask to come pick your order up.

– I do not have/own a physical shop that you can visit, it is all online.

– I do not have open studios/you cannot visit my work space.

– I do not mass produce work, I am one person. Everything is unique as it is all made by hand. If it says sold out it means exactly that.

– All orders placed receive an email receipt/confirmation to the email provided with your purchase. No email means the order has not gone through.

-If you have a query about your order please email from your order confirmation email rather than Instagram, that way I know who it is what the order is .

– I do custom orders, commissions. Send me an e-mail using a contact form on my site.

-I do not do trades, wholesale. I cannot keep my own shop stocked up to meet demand, so I cannot do it for others.

– Once something is marked sold out it is gone for good. Everything is one of a kind.

– No layaway, holds or payment plans.

– Receipts are not sent with items/your order and no physically receipt are provided at all.

– For items to be shipped together they must be purchased together.

-Please be sure of what you want to purchase. If you place separate orders they will be treated as such and will not be shipped together/combined. If you want items shipped together please purchase them together. They cannot and will not be combined after purchase.

– Gift wrapping is available, and I do write personalized notes !

– If you have questions/problems with your order please contact me through the shop(here). If you placed an order please reply to the email receipt you receive when you purchase, makes it easier for the both of us.

– I do not do repair work, that is the responsibility of the customer.

-All packaging can be recycled.



-Refunds can be done, before shipping/shipment, but will incur a cancellation fee. Refunds AFTER shipment are only done if your purchase has been damaged/lost AND you purchased insurance on that item. You cannot get a refund after shipment unless those two things have occurred. This is due to the nature of each piece being handmade and one of a kind so they cannot be replaced. Also once an item is shipped it is no longer in my possession and is out of my control. I am not responsible for the way it gets handled once it has been shipped.

– Once your order is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. If you item is broken/lost/damaged/delivered to the wrong address during shipment there is unfortunately nothing I can do unless you purchased insurance. Insurance is the responsibility of the customer.

-Refunds before shipment will incur a $10 cancellation fee. Regardless of the purchase price. This is non-negotiable.

– If your item does break during shipment and you haven’t purchased insurance do not hesitate to ask for help to fix it, I am more than happy to help and recommend the best way to repair it, but items cannot be replaced/exchanged/remade and I will not personally repair things for you, sorry.

– If you have had issues in the past with your postal service and items getting damaged it is highly recommended that you purchase insurance. Insurance prices are different on every item and for every location. So if you would like it please leave in the customer notes at the checkout you would like to purchase it and I will get back to you ASAP with a price.

– I am not liable for any damage, loss of an item, if they are stolen by someone or delivered to the wrong address by the postal service. This is a risk that must be assessed when purchasing both locally and overseas. They cannot and will not be replaced/refunded under any circumstances due the nature of the pieces (handmade/one of a kind). Insurance can be purchased but at an extra cost and will only be provided when asked for, you can ask for a quote in the customer notes as you checkout. So if you have had problems with your postal service in the past with items being broken it is highly recommended you purchase insurance. If something does get lost or broken or stolen etc and you haven’t purchased insurance there is nothing I can do and no refunds can be provided at all, because once the item has been shipped and left my possession it is no longer my responsibility.

-Insurance covers damage during shipping, not if you break the item yourself.

-NO EXCHANGES! Can or will be done under any circumstances as all items are unique and one of a kind, and there for cannot be replaced.

-A change of mind or heart is on you, not me. And no refunds or exchanges can and will be done for this reason and refunds can only happen in circumstances stated above.

– Refunds cannot be done on sale items under any circumstances, or if a sale occurs and you want to get your item/order at sale price and have purchased it before the sale occurred. All sale item purchases are final.


– Please allow 1-3 weeks for items to be shipped off as I am one person. This is also due to the fact that it takes a week for your payment to be cleared fully. I cannot and will not send off items until I am able to access the money. Orders cannot be posted off any faster than 3 days after purchase. And nothing is sent off on the weekends.

-Orders within Europe usually take 5-14 days to arrive, once shipped, but I have also had orders take up to 29 days to arrive. (Please also take note of the statement above). And also keep in mind that public holidays do effect arrival times greatly.

-Please allow 2-8 weeks for international orders to arrive. Every country has different arrival times. Express shipping is available but at an extra cost to you and varies in price depending on your location. If you would like to purchase it, leave it in the customer notes at the checkout.

-Please note public holidays do effect shipping times greatly.

– All orders do come with tracking and signature on delivery. The tracking number gets sent to the email you made the purchase with.

– Tracking is sent via email from Paypal. Please check junk mail as they do tend to go there first rather than you inbox. Tracking numbers are also attached to Paypal receipts and can be view via the Paypal website. If you haven’t received an email after 1 week and do not have a Paypal account email me via your email receipt that you received when you purchased and I will send it to you.

– It is not my responsibility to check your emails for you. Tracking is always sent via PayPal to the email you made the purchase with. Once sent it is your responsibility to keep track of the tracking. I cannot do it for you. So please check emails and tracking regularly. I am not responsible if you do not and the emails are deleted by your junk mail. If this does happen please just email me and I can resend the email with the tracking via PayPal. Thank you.

-Express shipping is available but is an extra cost to you, prices and times vary greater due to location and weight of order, and may not be available in all locations. If you would like to purchase express shipping please leave a note in the customer notes and payment can be organised for the difference.

-Failure to check emails regularly including junk mail is not my fault and is your responsibility as the customer to check. If the shipping email from paypal is left in junk mail(which it usually goes to first) for too long it will get deleted. So please please check your email regularly.

– I do not have control over whether or not your order gets stuck in customs/sort. So shipping times stated may be longer.

– It is highly recommended that you send your order to your own personal address or P.O box rather than a friends/family or business address, because once again I have no control over what happens to your order and relying on someone else to receive it may cause delay and confusion, and it is just safer to have items being sent directly to yourself, the buyer.

-If buying items as a birthday present/gift please purchase 3-4 weeks before the date you want/need it if you in Europe, and 4-8 weeks for all international orders. Shipping times can vary greatly so it is better to order in advance as I cannot control whether items get stuck in customs/sort facilities.

-If your order is returned/sent back to me for any reason (address provided was incorrect, failure to receive order/sign for it order etc.) you will have to pay for postage again to receive it. Shipping/postage is the buyers responsibility, I cannot and will not cover the costs of postage if items need to be sent again. As stated I am not liable or responsible for what happens to your order once sent. That includes returns, and for that I am sorry, but I  don’t control the postal service.

– If your purchase is returned and you don’t want to pay postage again and want a refund, that is fine, but only the purchase price will be refunded. You will not be refunded the shipping cost at all.

-If you provide the wrong address and it isn’t sent back to me it is most likely because it was delivered to that address provided, there is also nothing I can do about it as it is not my fault or my responsibility and buyer error is not cause for a refund. Please review your address fully before submitting your order.

– Please make sure the address you provide is correct. With full name, House/apt./unit Number, street name, suburb/town, state, postcode/zip code, and country. If your items are sent back to me you will have to pay for postage again. I am not responsible if you provide the wrong address. If I pick up that you have provided an invalid address (eg. haven’t provided a suburb etc.) and you do not reply within a week your item will be refunded and will no longer be yours. So please make sure that your address is full and correct.

– All shipping/insurance costs and information are the responsibility of the customer.


– The best way to contact me with questions is through the website via the contact page, but please read through the FAQ fully before contacting.

-In regards to your order, please contact me via the email/receipt you received when purchasing as that has all the information I need to answer any questions you may have.

– Please do not contact me via social media sites, I do not monitor the inboxes regularly and if a message is seen .

-Customer notes section at the checkout is for if you would like to inquire/purchase insurance. I do not use a courier service and any delivery instructions you may have cannot be passed on.


– Please be sure of how many items you purchase, if you do not purchase items together that then makes them separate orders you will not be able to combine them as they are separate orders and HAVE to be treated as such. So if you want to purchase multiple items please purchase them together because they will not be combined after purchasing. If you do end up making separate orders and then want to combine them, you will be refunded and this will still include the $10 cancellation fee (as stated above) and on each order, so please be sure of what it is you want/are purchasing before committing to the purchase.

– Discount codes etc. can only be applied at point of sale, not after. If you forget you cannot be refunded the difference. All refunds regardless of reason do incur a $10 cancellation fee. Refunds can and will only be done before shipment.